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About OFD

Office Stationery Delhi is one of the most well established office supply companies in Delhi. We serve a number of Multinational Companies, Institutions and other firms in the Delhi NCR area. The hallmarks of our service are effective and efficient services at the most affordable and competitive rates as offered in the industry.

Finding the right Office stationery suppliers in Delhi has always been a hassle. For corporates and other multinationals who want hassle free seamless delivery and execution, there are hardly any options available in the market. Office Stationery Delhi (OFD) is an answer to that question and much more. We want to change the entire marketplace of buying and selling stationery in the urban areas. Making one click product booking, doorstep delivery and flawless and timely execution a reality is our mission. Contact us to know more.

Office Stationery Supply

Office Stationery Delhi supplies all types of office stationery supplies such as cartridges, paper, pens, files, portfolio holders, staplers and all other related items. We deliver all of these items at the most competitive rates right at your doorstep.

Housekeeping Supply

Housekeeping supplies are needed from time to time in all offices. At Office Stationery Delhi we supply all the housekeeping supplies that you need. From coffee and tea packets to brooms we deliver it all

Maintenance Services

Maintaining an office can be one of the most challenging things. Looking after leakages, plumbing, electrical and other HVAC services can be painstakingly tiresome for staff members. Let us take care of it all and much more

Customized Stationery Services

Standardized products have lost their charm and customized things are becoming more and more popular and desired. At Office Stationery Delhi, we provide design, printing/manufacturing and delivery services of customized stationery items for your company

Designing & Print Media

At Office Stationery Delhi, we design and get printed  all kinds of print media such as banners, invitations cards, business cards, brochures, flyers and all other related print media.

Office Gifting

Gifting clients and employees is a time and effort consuming activity especially since it is usually done at the time of festivities. At the Office Stationery Delhi we suggest, design, execute and deliver customized corporates gifts for companies. Contact us know more

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