7 Stationery Items that You Didn’t Know Of

I love the place where I work. What can be the reason behind it? Maybe overloaded work, the staff of the company or maybe the stationery. STATIONERY?Yes, stationery because the right stationery should be available for your employees to work productively and efficiently. As we all know things around us speak a lot about us, a person can judge you from your stationery only on how innovative and upgraded you are, on how you manage your task. You may feel depressed about the working conditions around you. But there are ways you can sort it out, by putting up a nice plant around your desk, adding photo frames you can look up to for refreshing your mood, using balanced daylight. Cleanliness is one more important factor, which may look like loading off the burden of your head. Better the work conditions, better your mood. “The most creative ideas aren’t going to come while sitting in front of your monitor,” says Scott Birnbaum, a vice president of Samsung. So here is a list of few innovative stationery items which every office must have:

  •      A mini USB vacuum

Vacuum cleaners were created to initially clean floors. However, with the recent evolution of technology, they now serve other purposes as well. More specifically, USB vacuum cleaners can help you to clean your laptop’s keyboard. A mini vacuum cleaner powered by a USB slot works on the same principle as a common vacuum cleaner. The power source is the major difference of these cleaners, as this port only provides around 5V. A great thing about this small vacuum is that they can be used on other things as well: desks, bookshelves,  pieces of furniture and so on.

  •      Awesome wall calendars

Everyone is hanging up a new calendar for 2018!  It’s what we do but have you thought of creating yourself a Giant Wall Calendar one that you can fit ALL of your activities,appointments and messages on? So, why giant when a small calendar can serve all your purposes? Well, not everything can be mentioned in a small paper . If some innovative, giant and attractive  wall calendars will be in your office you will not miss any dates as you no longer have to locate a calendar because a big giant calendar will be right in front of you, so that you dare not miss any of your important dates.

3)Tomato timers

Working all the time is an awful idea. You can only cram for so long before you hit a wall, unable to do anything else. Yes, brief water and lunch breaks can help, but it’s still far too easy to sit and work for hours without moving around. With your productivity and health at stake, it’s worth making an effort to split up your workday with innovative stationery items. A timer always act as a time bounding machine but a tomato timer is an alarm to take a break from your work. It can transform a tedious little task you have been dreading into a game, like can you finish up before the timer rings?

4) A posture monitor


Sit up straight!”, “Don’t slouch!”. We’ve all heard these words from our mother more than once while we were growing up. But why is posture important? The term posture is used to describe how your body is positioned when you’re sitting, standing and lying down. Good posture means your bones are properly aligned. A posture monitor is a small sensor attached to your shirt that gently vibrates when you begin to slouch in your chair. These stationery items also have an app that tracks your posture, steps taken, and distance traveled over the course of a day. In short, enacting as a caring co-partner to you.

5) Computer sitters

What accompany you at your work? Maybe stress relieving coffee, a puzzle, a highlighter or anything. Imagine if you have a companion right beside you at your office which will not only accompany you but even monitor you. Everybody needs someone with whom they can talk about life, well computer sitters are the one , they are great listener. So add up a companion of your choice to add positivity in this stressful life.

6) Pens that scan things

Don’t you sometimes wish you had a stationery item that could transform hard copies into digital files? Would you settle for a pen instead? This model scans physical items like pictures and text blocks—then makes them digital on a USB! Don’t just settle for less! Why to use big scanning machines when a small pen can alone perform the function.

7) Roller notes

Sticky Notes…we all use them. Stationery items are great at home, work, and school, but they can be a bit boring. Why not spruce up your sticky notes by using the Roller Notes that introduces a new spin on how you’ll leave notes around your home or office. Instead of traditional square notes, this unique gadget will “paint” on a layer of self-stick note paper whenever you need it most. It’s like painting but only with sticky paper! All you have to do is trim it to whatever size you like, wherever you want and then write your note. We never thought leaving a note could be this interesting.

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